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Canbek Economic Consultants Inc. is a Montreal-based firm that has been engaged in four areas of activity since its inception in 1979: management consulting and strategic planning, macroeconomic analysis and forecasting, geopolitical investment advisory and publishing of educational material.

The consulting division has provided corporate and institutional clients primarily in the banking and financial services, public sector, software and electronics industries with a variety of management consulting, product development and economic analysis and forecasting services.

Some examples of the work performed includes branch location, feasibility and break-even studies; development of business plans and strategic planning; market analysis and marketing planning; human resource management and organizational development; software development, international trade and anti-dumping; design of management information systems and productivity measurement; risk management policy; treasury management and asset/liability management.

The economics division, Canbek Economics, has provided macroeconomic analysis and macroeconomic and financial forecasting services regarding Canadian, United States and global GDP and its component aggregates, short and long-term interest rates, exchange rates and commodity prices.

Geopolitical analysis and risk assessment requires a multi-disciplinary approach that is embedded in an understanding of history and the sociocultural composition of nations. The principals combine a background involving business, economics, history, political science, international relations, defence, physics, mathematics and statistics. Their work has focused on the Trans-Atlantic, European, Eurasian, Southeast European, Middle Eastern and North African regions of the world.

The publishing division, Canbek Publications, publishes books in economics.

The founders and principals of the firm are Kenneth (Kyriakos) Matziorinis, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., CMC and Nicholas Matziorinis, B.A., B.Sc., M.B.A. Depending on the nature of the assignments, the principals team-up with professionals from their network of seasoned and proven associates who are experts in their respective fields.

Bio of Kenneth (Kyriakos) Matziorinis

Kenneth Matziorinis

Dr. Ken Matziorinis has been an Adjunct Professor of Economics at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies and Senior Partner of Canbek Economic Consultants Inc., a management consulting, economic forecasting and investment advisory firm based in Montreal. Ken studied economics, history and international relations at McGill University from where he received his doctorate in economics. He specialized in monetary economics and public finance. He is a graduate of the Canadian Securities Course (CSC) and a certified management consultant (CMC).

He has taught economics for nearly fifty years in the Department of History, Economics and Political Science at John Abbott College as well as for the Graduate Management Program of the School of Continuing Studies at McGill University.
He has served on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations and school boards and has been an economic advisor and member of the board of directors of the National Bank of Greece (Canada) from 1991 until 2006, when the Canadian operations were sold by the parent bank to the Bank of Nova Scotia. While at the bank his responsibilities included corporate governance, macroeconomic forecasting, capital markets, treasury and asset/liability management.

In recent years his research has focused on the international monetary system, Southeast Europe, the Greek economy and the European Monetary Union. While the European debt crisis was raging, he wrote extensively and made many public presentations and media appearances on the subject. One of his papers on the creation of a unified European bond market and the issuance of euro bonds, published by the Journal of Wealth Management, has been cited extensively as the path forward for strengthening the European Union and turning the euro into a global reserve currency. He is the author of five books in economics and a two-time recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award from the McGill School of Continuing Studies. Click here to see Ken’s curriculum vitae .

His research papers can be accessed at ResearchGate and at Academia

Public Speaking Engagements

Ken is an insightful and engaging speaker. He is frequently invited to speak on various topics in economics, public affairs, economic policy, geopolitics, political economy and international affairs. Interested parties can contact Ken at: ken.matziorinis@gmail.com.

Bio of Nicholas Matziorinis

Nicholas Matziorinis has been teaching at the McGill Desautels Faculty of Management since 1988 for the BCom and MBA programs (International Trade and Finance). He has also taught at McGill MBA Japan in Tokyo (Managing in the European Union and International Environment) since 2002, and at John Abbott College (Marketing, Customer Service, and Management) since 1987. He has a keen interest in the health sector and served on the Board of Directors of the Royal Victoria and Jacques-Viger Hospitals as well as those of CLSC Metro, St-Louis du Parc, and Cote-des-Neiges. He has degrees from McGill University (M.B.A., B.A.) and the University of Montreal/Concordia University (B.Sc.). He is co-founder and partner in Canbek Economic Consultants Inc. since 1979 having worked over the years in the design, development, and implementation of assignments covering the areas of financial services, real estate, public sector, software development, and electronics. He is a polymath in the full sense of the term, with background in classics, philosophy, mathematics, physics, international business, history and international relations, to name only a few.