Economic Commentaries

Global Economic Outlook 2015-2016
March 2015

Canadian and Global Economic Outlook: 2015-2016
November 19, 2014

Canada in the Throws of Global Headwinds: How Long can Canada Remain an Island of Stability in a Sea of Turbulence?
September 4, 2013

The European Debt Crisis: Can the Euro Survive?
August 16, 2012

The Euro Debt Crisis: Will the Euro Survive?
May 17, 2012

The Problem with Greece: Economic and Socio-Political Challenges

November 27, 2011

Central Bank Monetary Policy Announcement Dates, 2012

Greece and the Euro Debt Crisis
November 23, 2011

The Canadian Housing Market
October 11, 2011

How the Euro can be Saved: A Common Euro Bond
October 9, 2011

European Debt Crisis Collpase or Renewal
September 23, 2011

Resolving the Euro Debt Crisis and Saving the Euro: Could a Euro-Zone Bond be the Answer?
July 19, 2011

The Eurozone in Crisis: Change or Fail? This is the Question

July 17, 2011

Wen Jiabao's Visit to Greece: What is Behind this High Level Move?
October 3, 2010

The Greek Fiscal Crisis
February 12, 2010

Central Bank Monetary Policy Announcement Dates, 2010
February 3, 2010

Don’t Overlook the Underlying Cause of the Global Financial and now Economic Crisis
July 21, 2009

Keynesianism on Trial: Why The Obama Fiscal Stimulus Package May Not Work.
April 9, 2009

The Global Economic Downturn: This is Not Your Typical Recession by Kenneth Matziorinis
March 16, 2009

Global Financial Breakdown: Precipitating Factors & Underlying Causes, by Kenneth Matziorinis
January 31, 2009

Central Bank Monetary Policy Announcements Dates, 2009
January 15, 2009

Interview with Ken Matziorinis: The US Housing Meltdown and the International Financial Crisis of 2007-08: Lessons from the Great Depression
May 7, 2008

The US Housing Bust: Implications for Canada
January 29, 2008

Some Predictions for 2008 and Beyond: A Note to a Friend
January 5, 2008

Central Bank Monetary Policy Announcement Dates, 2008

Surge in the Loonie: Canadian Dollar Strength or US Dollar Weakness?
November 7, 2007

Fed to Raise Fed Funds Rate to 4.5% Tomorrow, Alan Greenspan’s Last Meeting at the Fed
January 31, 2006

Bank of Canada to Raise Key Financing Rate Tomorrow to 3.5%, More Hikes to Follow
January 23, 2006

Fed is Approaching End of Tightening Cycle, But Some More Tightening Left in the Pipeline
December 13, 2005

North American Growth Exceeds Expectations but Monetary Tightening to Continue
November 30, 2005

Fed Meets Again, … Rates Rise Again
October 31, 2005

Fed Likely to Stay the Course, Despite Katrina
September 19, 2005

Bank of Canada to Tighten its Key Policy Rate in the Midst of Uncertainty Brought by Hurricane Katrina
September 5, 2005

Federal Reserve to Raise Short-term Target Rate Again to 3.5%
August 9, 2005

Bank of Canada to Maintain Holding Pattern, But Not For Long
July 11, 2005

The Fed Funds Rate to Rise for Ninth Time to 3.25%: “Measured” or “Hurried” Pace of Rate Increases?
June 28, 2005

Bank of Canada to Maintain Holding Pattern, at Least for Now
May 24, 2005

Fed on course to Raise the Overnight Rate to 3.0%, and then what next?

May 3, 2005

Bank of Canada to Hold Rates Steady Again
April 11, 2005

The Fed on Course to Raise Rates by Another Quarter to 2.75%
March 22, 2005

Where We Have Been? … Where Are We Heading?
March 16, 2005

Bank of Canada to Stand Pat on Key Overnight Rate Again at 2.5%
February 28, 2005

The Fed on Course to Raise the US Overnight Rate to 2.5%
February 2 2005

Bank of Canada to Stand Pat Tomorrow
January 24 2005

Central Bank Monetary Policy Announcement Dates, 2005
January 7 2005

The Fed on Course to Raise the Overnight Rate to 2.25%
December 13 2004

Bank of Canada Keeps Target for the Overnight Rate at 2.5 %
December 7, 2004

The Fed on Course to Hike Rates on Wednesday by 25 bps to 2.0%

November 8, 2004

Canadian Economic Outlook: 2005 – 2007
November 2004

Bank of Canada to Raise Benchmark Rate Tomorrow by 1/4 of a Percent to 2.5%
October 18, 2004

The Fed is Set to Raise the Fed Funds Rare Tomorrow to 1.75% (PDF)
September 20, 2004

Bank of Canada Poised to Raise Rates Tomorrow: The Beginning of a New Rate Hiking Cycle? (PDF) September 7, 2004

Federal Reserve Poised to Raise Rates to 1.50% Today (PDF)

August 10, 2004

Bank of Canada Maintains Target for the Overnight Interest Rate at 2.0 % (PDF)
July 20, 2004

Fed Likely to Start Tightening on June 30th, Bank of Canada to follow by Late Summer(PDF)
June 22, 2004

The Bank of Canada Keeps Target Overnight Rate Unchanged at 2.0% (PDF)
June 8, 2004

Fed Meeting Tomorrow: No Hike in Rates, … Yet (PDF)
May 3, 2004

Bank of Canada Poised to Cut Rates Again (.PDF)
April 12, 2004

Federal Reserve Leaves Key Rate Unchanged, Indicates that it is Patient (.PDF)
March 17, 2004

Canadian Economy Closes Year on High Note and Bank of Canada plans another rate cut on Tuesday (.PDF)

March 1, 2004

The Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged, But Gives Itself More Latitude to Move in the Future (.PDF)
January 29, 2004

Bank of Canada Likely to Cut Overnight Rate Tomorrow by ¼ %
January 19, 2004

Federal Reserve board and Bank of Canada schedule of interest rate announcements (.PDF)

The Fed Meets Today: No Change in Rates Expected (.PDF)
December 9, 2003

Bank of Canada Rate Decision Tomorrow: Is the Cup Half Full or Half Empty? (.PDF)
December 1, 2003

Three-Year Macroeconomic Forecast for Canada: 2003 – 2005 (.PDF)
November 2003

November 2003

US Third Quarter Growth Surpasses Expectations: Real GDP up 7.2% (.PDF)
October 30, 2003

Fed Meeting Today: No Change in Rates Expected (.PDF)
October 28, 2003

Bank of Canada Confirms Improved Outlook for Canadian Economy (.PDF)
October 23, 2003

Bank of Canada Meets Wednesday Morning, October 15th: Most Likely to Stand Pat on Rates (.PDF)
October 10, 2003

ECB to Hold Rates the Same at 2.0%, BOE to Do the Same at 3.5% (.PDF)
September 4, 2003

Bank of Canada Expected to Cut Rates by 1/4 % to 2.75% on Wednesday, September 3rd (.PDF)
September 2, 2003

Bond Prices Have Taken a Big Hit Since Last Week (.PDF)
July 22, 2003

Bank of Canada Surprises With a 1/4 % Rate Cut (.PDF)
July 15, 2003

Bank of Canada Likely to Stand Pat on Rates Tomorrow (.PDF)

July 14, 2003

The Fed Poised to Cut Interest Rates on Wednesday by as Much as Half a Percentage Point (.PDF)
June 23, 2003

Bank of Canada Holds Off on Rates; The Fed and the ECB on Track to Cut Rates by 50 Basis Points:
Bullish for Loonie, Good for Global Growth (.PDF)

June 4, 2003

Fed Decision and Implications for North- American and Global Economy (.PDF)

May 7, 2003

Fed Meets Tomorrow: Expected To Stand Pat For Now (.PDF)
May 5, 2003

Bank of Canada To Raise Interest Rates Tomorrow (.PDF)
April 14, 2003

European Central Bank Cuts Rates A Quarter of A Point to 2.5% (.PDF)
March 6, 2003

Central Bank Hikes The Key Overnight Rate by 1/4% to 3.0% (.PDF)
March 4, 2003

Bank of Canada Likely To Raise Interest Rates Next Week! (.PDF)
February 27, 2003

Fed Holds Bank Rate at 1.25%, Sees Balanced Risks (.PDF)
January 29, 2003

Fed Monetary Policy Meeting Tomorrow: Fed Expected to Leave Rates
Unchanged at 1.25% (.PDF)
January 28, 2003

Bank of Canada Leaves Rates Unchanged (.PDF)
January 21, 2003

Central Bank Monetary Policy Announcement Schedule for 2003 (.PDF)

January 3, 2003

Economic Implications of an Attack on Iraq (.PDF)
December 16, 2002

Fed Leaves Rates Unchanged at 1.25%, ECB Cuts Rates by 1/2 % to 2.75%
December 11, 2002

Bank of Canada Expected to Leave Interest Rate Unchanged (.PDF)
December 3, 2002

The Fed to Cut Key Policy Rate on Wednesday by 1/4 point (.PDF)
November 4, 2002

Bank of Canada Rate Decision Tomorrow (.PDF)
October 15, 2002

The Bank of Canada Stands Pat: What is it worried about? (.PDF)
September 4, 2002

Fed to Leave Rates Unchanged for Now but will Stand Prepared to Lower Them Later in the Year if it Needs to (.PDF)
August 13, 2002

Bank of Canada Raises Overnight Rate to 2.75%, 1/4 Point Hike (.PDF)
July 16, 2002

FOMC Meeting Today and Tomorrow: Policy Stance Neutral, No Rate Increase Expected (.PDF)
June 25, 2002

Return to a Growth Path, Good Buy to Low Interest Rates (.PDF)
June 17, 2002

Bank of Canada Rate Policy Announcement Today: Quarter Point Rate Hike Expected (.PDF)
June 4, 2002

What is Next for the Economy? (.PDF)
February 14, 2002

Bank of Canada Struggles to Regain Control
October 25, 2001

50 Basis Point Cut Expected Today by BOC
October 23, 2001

Federal Reserve Expected to Cut Fed Funds Rate 1/2 Point Today!
October 2, 2001

Global Economy at the Brink of Recession: Rates to be Cut Sooner than Expected
September 12, 2001

Slowdown Spreads Around the World; Economic Recovery Postponed to 2002: Further Rate Easing Ahead
September 10, 2001

Slowdown in US Eases but Accelerates in the Rest-of-the-World: Further Rates cuts ahead
July 13, 2001

More Rate Cuts in the Pipeline
May 9, 2001

Fed Cut Rates 50 Basis Points
May 15, 2001

Bank of Canada Goes For 1/4 Point Cut
May 29, 2001

Greenspan’s Inter-meeting Surprise Rate Cut: Cause for Cheer or Worry?
April 19, 2001

Further Rate Cuts Ahead
March 19, 2001